Season 1

Recent arrivals Jenny and Tim experience marital turmoil when Jenny finds herself attracted to Marina, the alluring owner of local cafe and gathering place The Planet; Tina struggles to become pregnant through artificial insemination but a miscarriage and Bette's infidelity bode ill for their seven-year relationship; tennis pro Dana stays in the closet but falls for sous chef Lara; Shane deals with her growing fame; Alice looks for love.
Pilot Part 1
Episode 1: Pilot Part 1

Original Air Date: Jun 2, 2014

Series premiere - part 1. Jenny moves to L.A. and meets her new lesbian neighbors.

Pilot Part 2
Episode 2: Pilot Part 2

Original Air Date: Jun 2, 2014

Series premiere - part 2. Jenny moves to L.A. and meets her new lesbian neighbors.

Let's Do It
Episode 3: Let's Do It

Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2004

In episode 103, Bette and Tina wait eagerly to see if Tina will get pregnant; Tim, unaware of her encounter with Jenny, invites Marina to a dinner party, while Kit tries to make amends with Bette.

Episode 4: Longing

Original Air Date: Feb 1, 2004

In episode 104, Bette takes a desperate step to win her battle of wills with the chairman of the gallery board; Jenny struggles with her feelings for Marina; Alice tries to regain her self-respect after a run-in with an ex; Dana finally gets a date with Lara.

Lies, Lies, Lies
Episode 5: Lies, Lies, Lies

Original Air Date: Feb 8, 2004

In episode 105, Bette greets Tina's pregnancy with apparent delight despite problems at work; Jenny's affair with Marina threatens her relationship with Tim; Dana's paranoia about the possibility of being out continues; the problems of Alice's mother escalate.

Episode 6: Lawfully

Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2004

In episode 106, Tim discovers Jenny's affair with Marina - leading to a potentially disastrous choice for the couple's shaky relationship; the reaction of Bette's father to Tina's pregnancy devastates Bette and leads Kit to confront him on her behalf.

Losing It
Episode 7: Losing It

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2004

In episode 107, a rising artist in New York tests Bette's commitment while the sperm donor's girlfriend discovers a lonely Tina and starts harassing her; Tim returns home alone while Jenny gets a ride from two disaffected teenagers.

Episode 8: L'Ennui

Original Air Date: Feb 29, 2004

In episode 108, Tim rejects Jenny, who learns about Marina's other lover; Bette struggles with fears about parenthood, as Dana runs from Lara and Kit is stung when her son doesn't show up for their meeting.

Listen Up
Episode 9: Listen Up

Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2004

In episode 109, identities are in question as Jenny tries to explain her situation to an old friend, Dana comes out to her conservative parents, and Bette considers her self-image.

Luck, Next Time
Episode 10: Luck, Next Time

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2004

In episode 110, Jenny is more confused and torn than ever between Marina and Tim; fame and all its complications find Shane; Kit rehearses for a hip hop music video.

Episode 11: Liberally

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2004

In episode 111, Tina's grief is eased by volunteer work; Bette defends the gallery against a right-wing attack; Marina has a fight with Francesca.

Looking Back
Episode 12: Looking Back

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2004

In episode 112, Bette hires an attractive contractor to set up for the gallery's new show; Tina, Jenny, Shane, Alice and Dana take an eventful trip to Palm Springs.

Locked Up
Episode 13: Locked Up

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2004

In episode 113, Bette lands in jail thanks to a near-riot at the gallery; Marina contemplates life without Francesca as Tim and Jenny discuss divorce.

Limb From Limb
Episode 14: Limb From Limb

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2004

In episode 114, the first season finale, Tina learns the truth about Candace; Dana loses a friend but gains a fiancee; Jenny finds herself in another romantic quandary involving Marina that pushes Tim further away.


6 Seasons, 71 Episodes

  • Season 6

    Jenny and Shane have a sizzling romance; Bette and Tina plan to adopt a child; Kit and Helena open a new nightclub; Alice and Tasha share a mutual crush on a third party; the series ends in a shocking crime.

    Season 6
  • Season 5

    Passion rekindles between Tina and Bette; Jenny directs her movie and dates the closeted actress playing her in the film; Kit faces fierce competition from a lesbian couple that opens up a rival gay establishment.

    Season 5
  • Season 4

    Jenny publishes a serialized story that's a thinly veiled version of her friends' lives, and sparks interest from Tina's movie studio; Tina pays a social price for firing Helena; Bette takes a job in academia.

    Season 4
  • Season 3

    Jenny dates Moira, who is making a gender transition and changing his name to Max; Kit begins dating Angus, the male nanny to Bette and Tina's six-month-old daughter; Helena buys a movie studio; Dana battles breast cancer.

    Season 3
  • Season 2

    Tina reveals she is pregnant again and begins dating heiress Helena as Bette's life spins out of control; Shane and Jenny become roommates and both date sexy deejay Carmen; Kit buys The Planet; Alice and Dana fall in love.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Jenny and Tim's marriage crumbles thanks to her attraction to local cafe owner Marina; Tina struggles to become pregnant despite Bette's ambivalence about parenthood.

    Season 1

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