Season 3

Jenny dates tough working-class Moira, who is making a gender transition and changing his name to Max; Kit begins dating Angus, the male nanny to Bette and Tina's six-month-old daughter Angelica; Helena buys a movie studio but is cut off financially by her wealthy mother; Dana battles breast cancer.
Labia Majora
Episode 1: Labia Majora

Original Air Date: Jan 8, 2006

In episode 301, the third season premiere, Bette and Tina try to rekindle their sexual groove after having a child; road rage grabs hold of Alice as she chases after Dana through the streets of Los Angeles; Helena purchases a movie studio; Jenny returns with a new girlfriend.

Lost Weekend
Episode 2: Lost Weekend

Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2006

In episode 302, flamboyant party promoter Billie Blaikie sets up shop at The Planet; Alice refuses to let Helena throw out her life-size cut-out of Dana; Jenny wants to be more than just friends with Moira; Bette feels her life is out of her control.

Episode 3: Lobsters

Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2006

In episode 303, Shane goes to work at Venice Beach's coolest new skate shop, WAX; Jenny brings Moira home to L.A. and introduces her to the girls; Kit finds a friend in Bette and Tina's nanny, Angus; Alice continues her emotional tailspin over losing Dana; Bette refuses to curb her spending; Tina goes to work for Helena.

Light My Fire
Episode 4: Light My Fire

Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2006

In episode 304, Jenny freaks out after Moira disappears all night; Bette takes on Washington; Carmen spins for Russell Simmons; Billie Jean King interviews Dana at a tennis match; Kit wonders if she has made the right choice with The Planet's new charge d'affaires; Helena falls for a straight documentary filmmaker.

Episode 5: Lifeline

Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2006

In episode 305, Dana gets the results of her biopsy; Alice meets Uta, a lesbian "vampire;" Bette finds an open door into Tina's chat room; ex-flame Cherie drops into WAX - and Shane's chair; Jenny gets word a publisher is interested in her book about Moira / Max.

Episode 6: Lifesize

Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2006

In episode 306, Tina continues to struggle with her sexual feelings for men; Kit gives in to Angus; the girls rush to the hospital to be by Dana's side; New York comes calling to Jenny; Moira finds a shortcut to getting male hormones.

Lone Star
Episode 7: Lone Star

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2006

In episode 307, Jenny injects hormones into Moira; Dana undergoes chemotherapy; Shane and Carmen get matching tattoos; Alice frantically searches for her Dana cut-out; the B52's perform at The Planet; Kit fires Billie; Tina takes a step toward Josh.

Episode 8: Latecomer

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2006

In episode 308, Moira informs everyone she is to be called Max; Kit gets a helping hand from Nona Hendryx; Helena takes Dana and the girls to a basketball game; Jenny gets busy trying to throw Max a benefit party; Tina moves out of Bette's bed; Dana gets a new look.

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way
Episode 9: Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way

Original Air Date: Mar 5, 2006

In episode 309, Dana looks like she's on the road to recovery; Carmen comes out to her family; Helena gets slapped with a lawsuit; Jenny attends a transsexual support group meeting to help her deal with Max; Bette continues her struggle to find inner peace.

Losing The Light
Episode 10: Losing The Light

Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2006

In episode 310, when Dana takes a turn for the worse, Alice keeps vigil at her bedside; Carmen drops the unexpected on Shane; Bette finds inner peace elusive; Jenny introduces her ex-husband Tim to Max; Tina settles in with Henry.

Last Dance
Episode 11: Last Dance

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2006

In episode 311, Alice steals some of Dana's ashes; Bette thinks about fighting for sole custody of baby Angelica; Lara arrives home too late; Max finally lands a job - one for which Moira was rejected.

Left Hand Of The Goddess
Episode 12: Left Hand Of The Goddess

Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2006

In episode 312, the third season finale, the girls plan for Shane and Carmen's wedding while still grieving for Dana; Kit discovers that she's pregnant; Bette considers her legal options for obtaining sole custody of Angelica; Jenny realizes the truth about Max's quest to fit in.


6 Seasons, 71 Episodes

  • Season 6

    Jenny and Shane have a sizzling romance; Bette and Tina plan to adopt a child; Kit and Helena open a new nightclub; Alice and Tasha share a mutual crush on a third party; the series ends in a shocking crime.

    Season 6
  • Season 5

    Passion rekindles between Tina and Bette; Jenny directs her movie and dates the closeted actress playing her in the film; Kit faces fierce competition from a lesbian couple that opens up a rival gay establishment.

    Season 5
  • Season 4

    Jenny publishes a serialized story that's a thinly veiled version of her friends' lives, and sparks interest from Tina's movie studio; Tina pays a social price for firing Helena; Bette takes a job in academia.

    Season 4
  • Season 3

    Jenny dates Moira, who is making a gender transition and changing his name to Max; Kit begins dating Angus, the male nanny to Bette and Tina's six-month-old daughter; Helena buys a movie studio; Dana battles breast cancer.

    Season 3
  • Season 2

    Tina reveals she is pregnant again and begins dating heiress Helena as Bette's life spins out of control; Shane and Jenny become roommates and both date sexy deejay Carmen; Kit buys The Planet; Alice and Dana fall in love.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Jenny and Tim's marriage crumbles thanks to her attraction to local cafe owner Marina; Tina struggles to become pregnant despite Bette's ambivalence about parenthood.

    Season 1

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