S1:E3 The Camera Man

Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2007

In episode 103, a pair of segments that focus on the role of cameramen include an animated short from award-winning cartoonist Chris Ware ("Jimmy Corrigan") and a young filmmaker who sets out to document his alcoholic stepfather.


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S1:E3 Preview Scene (:50)

Sneak Peek: OXO

Sneak Peek: On Sedatives

S1:E3 Preview Scene (:53)

Sneak Peek: On Sedatives

2 Seasons, 13 Episodes

  • Season 2

    Ira Glass covers escaping from home, war refugees in the U.S., trying to make history, underdogs, troubled marriages, and more.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    Ira Glass covers reaching for dreams, willpower, cameramen, stubbornness, new innovations, and more.

    Season 1

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