Season 4

The Emmy® winning documentary series returns for a new season of visceral reporting on culturally relevant issues from around the world. From the biggest headlines to daring topics not often covered by other mainstream media outlets, VICE balances investigative journalism with a relentless pursuit of great stories at any cost. Featuring acclaimed journalists Hind Hassan, Krishna Andavolu, Isobel Yeung, Alzo Slade, Paola Ramos, Matthew Cassel, Seb Walker, Alyza Enriquez, Ben C. Solomon, Natashya Gutierrez, David Noriega & Vegas Tenold.
Syrian Aftershock & Almost Intelligent
Episode 1: Syrian Aftershock & Almost Intelligent

Original Air Date: May 7, 2023

Hind Hassan travels to northwest Syria to investigate a recent devastating earthquake and what prevented critical humanitarian aid from getting to survivors in the region who needed it the most; Krishna Andavolu reports on rapid developments in artificial intelligence and learns why many in the tech industry worry that time is running out to uncover how these new AI systems really work - before they become too powerful to control.

Lynching For God & Backgrounded
Episode 2: Lynching For God & Backgrounded

Original Air Date: May 14, 2023

Isobel Young meets with religious hardliners in Pakistan, where insulting The Prophet is constitutionally punishable by death, and reports on how they encourage the extrajudicial killing of blasphemers without mercy; Alzo Slade explores the systemic issues behind housing inequality, from landlord concerns over the safety of their renters to how an unregulated background check industry can complicate housing access for formerly incarcerated people.

The State of Israel & The Other Drug Crisis
Episode 3: The State of Israel & The Other Drug Crisis

Original Air Date: May 21, 2023

Matthew Cassel covers Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s return to power by partnering with far-right political parties and their historic and controversial attempt to overhaul the Israeli supreme court; Paola Ramos travels from drug labs in Mexico to Oregon, the state with the highest percentage of meth addiction in the U.S., to understand how the cartels’ newest, cheapest and most potent form of meth, known as “Supermeth”, is fueling an overwhelming national mental health crisis.

Detransitioners & Draining the DRC
Episode 4: Detransitioners & Draining the DRC

Original Air Date: Jun 4, 2023

Alyza Enriquez unpacks the role of detransitioners, or formerly trans-identifying people who have stopped medical treatment, in legislative efforts across the country to ban gender-affirming care, as well as those who oppose these polarizing bans; Alzo Slade travels to the Democratic Republic of Congo, which sits on top of more than half the world’s known cobalt supply, to investigate the country’s dangerous, yet highly profitable mining industry.

Lone Star Justice & The Cost of War
Episode 5: Lone Star Justice & The Cost of War

Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2023

Paola Ramos travels to Texas to see how Republican Governor Greg Abbott's border enforcement initiative, Operation Lone Star, is potentially circumventing the federal government's authority over immigration; one year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and an estimated 300,000 casualties, Ben C. Solomon treks to the war-torn frontlines to reveal the grim reality of the ongoing conflict.

4 Seasons, 50 Episodes

  • Season 4

    The Emmy® winning documentary series returns for a new season of visceral, relevant issues from around the world, balancing investigative journalism with a relentless pursuit of great stories at any cost.

    Season 4
  • Season 3

    VICE is back for a new season of the relentless pursuit of complex, groundbreaking and untold stories about social justice, civil rights, geopolitics and identity – both domestically and across all corners of the world.

    Season 3
  • Season 2

    VICE is back for a new season shining a light on stories no one else is telling, from police brutality in Nigeria, to the continued shockwaves of President Trump’s foreign policy in Iran and Yemen to the ongoing racial reckoning underway in the US.

    Season 2
  • Season 1

    The Emmy®-winning documentary series is now on SHOWTIME, delivering immersive reporting from the frontlines of global conflicts, civil uprisings and beyond, and tackling untold and complex geopolitical stories from all corners of the globe.

    Season 1

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