Waco: The Aftermath Cast

Gary Noesner

Played by Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon reprises his role as Gary Noesner, the FBI hostage negotiator who is disturbed by the Waco siege and determined to prevent further violence. 

Jacob Vasquez

Played by John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo will reprise his role as Jacob Vasquez, an ATF agent who worked undercover during the lead up to Waco. 

Dan Cogdell

Played by Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi will play Dan Cogdell, a top trial lawyer for the surviving Branch Davidians.

Judge Smith

Played by David Costabile

David Costabile will play Judge Smith, who oversees the trial of Branch Davidians charged with conspiracy to murder federal agents.

Lois Roden

Played by J. Smith Cameron

J. Smith Cameron will play Lois Roden, the leader and Prophetess of the Branch Davidians when Vernon Howell (young David Koresh) arrives.

Clive Doyle

Played by John Hoogenakker

John Hoogenakker will play Clive Doyle, David Koresh’s first follower within the Branch Davidians, who despite losing a daughter in the fire at Mount Carmel has unwavering faith and is determined for others to learn the “truth”. 

Vernon Howell

Played by Keean Johnson

Keean Johnson will play Vernon Howell, young David Koresh who believes he is chosen by God as the next messiah.

Carol Howe

Played by Abbey Lee

Abbey Lee will play Carol Howe, a former Southern debutante turned neo-Nazi arm candy, turned government informant. 

Mitch Decker

Played by Shea Whigham

Shea Whigham will reprise his role as Mitch Decker, Noesner’s colleague in the FBI who managed the situation at Waco leading up to the tragic siege.

Timothy McVeigh

Played by Alex Breaux

Alex Breaux will play Timothy McVeigh, notorious domestic terrorist.

Ruth Riddle

Played by Kali Rocha

Kali Rocha will play Ruth Riddle, one of the Branch Davidian survivors facing trial and the possibility of life in jail.

Livingstone Fagan

Played by Michael Luwoye

Michael Luwoye will play Livingstone Fagan, an extremely bright biblical scholar and one of the surviving Branch Davidians on trial.

Bill Johnston

Played by Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy will play Bill Johnston, the lead prosecutor in the trial of the Branch Davidians. 

Angie Gram

Played by Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata will play Angie Gram, a smart, experienced ATF agent.

Gordon Novel

Played by Gary Cole

Gary Cole will play Gordon Novel, an intense, private investigator.

George Roden

Played by Michael Vincent Berry

Michael Vincent Berry will play George Roden, one of the early leaders of the Davidian sect.

Terry Nichols

Played by Kieran Mulcare

Kieran Mulcare (Jessica Jones) plays Terry Nichols, a friend and co-conspirator of Timothy McVeigh. Nichols is considered an American domestic terrorist who was convicted of being an accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing.

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