We Hunt Together Cast

Jackson Reid

Played by Babou Ceesay

Friendly, easy-going Detective Jackson Mendy was recently transferred from anti-corruption to homicide, and he is partnered up with Detective Lola Franks on his first case, even though he outranks her. Jackson is a happily married family man who has to shoulder much of the burden of child-rearing for his overworked wife.

Freddy Lane

Played by Hermione Corfield

Freddy Lane is a brilliant but troubled young woman with a questionable past who works in the sex industry. Freddy definitely plays by her own rules, and she is an expert at manipulating people - especially men - to do her bidding.

Lola Franks

Played by Eve Myles

Lola Franks is a driven detective with a quick temper who is married to her work. She is single, secretive and mistrusting, and she is less than thrilled by the friendly overtures and casual manner of her new partner.

Baba Lenga

Played by Dipo Ola

Baba Lenga is a polite, good-hearted refugee from Africa who is trying to get permanent residency in the U.K. He is haunted by his violent past as a child soldier in his war-torn country, but that also makes him a useful asset for Freddy.

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