Work In Progress Cast


Played by Abby McEnany

Abby is a mid-forties self-identified queer dyke whose life is a quiet and ongoing crisis. A therapy veteran who suddenly finds herself without a therapist, Abby is faced with a self-imposed timeline to figure out her life or she will make a drastic choice. A chance encounter with a young waiter upends her world and could change everything.


Played by Karin Anglin

Abby’s successful, straight-laced and suburban older sister Alison appears to have it all: family, career, home. Although Alison is frequently bothered by Abby’s anxious disposition and colorful language, she never waivers in her love and support for her younger sister.


Played by Julia Sweeney

Because of her portrayal of the buffoonishly androgynous character ‘Pat,’ whom Abby was cruelly compared to in her youth, Abby has complicated feelings about Julia Sweeney. When Abby finally has the opportunity to meet and confront Julia, she is completely unprepared for who Julia is: a genuine, kind and open-hearted woman who’s only seeming desire is to be friends.


Played by Theo Germaine

A sexually explorative young trans man, Chris has all the self-confidence and free-spiritedness that Abby lacks, though deep down he’s still looking for safety and acceptance in his life. Unphased by the unconventional optics of it, he starts up a relationship with Abby because he genuinely likes her. 


Played by Celeste Pechous

Abby’s long-time best friend is an acerbic lesbian and lover of a great time. She forms the bedrock of Abby’s chosen family and support network, and has been there through it all. She has kept Abby afloat —and not completely without hope — through the darkest of times, and Abby has done the same for her.

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