Yellowjackets Cast

Adult Shauna

Played by Melanie Lynskey

Now married to the former prom king, Shauna is one a handful of survivors of the plane crash. Twenty-five years later, she’s on a mission to reclaim her agency – and her life – while doing everything in her power to keep her darkest secrets safe.   

Adult Natalie

Played by Juliette Lewis

As an adult, grown-up punk Natalie struggles to quiet the demons that still haunt her from her time in the wilderness.   

Adult Misty

Played by Christina Ricci

The Yellowjackets’ former equipment manager, Misty's hidden dark side has led her to a profession where she can fully employ her talents.   

Adult Taissa

Played by Tawny Cypress

In her youth, Taissa was the star player on the Yellowjackets squad. Now, 25 years later, her political ambitions threaten to derail the survivors’ pact of secrecy.    


Played by Ella Pernell

Jackie is the Yellowjackets' magnetically charismatic, effortlessly popular, occasionally entitled team captain. She and Shauna have been best friends since childhood.    

Young Taissa

Played by Jasmin Savoy Brown

As the Yellowjackets’ star player, Taissa has a competitive edge that sometimes pushes her over the line.   

Young Natalie

Played by Sophie Thatcher

Despite her natural talent, Natalie's punk rock spirit and habit of finding trouble make her the unlikeliest member of the team. How will those traits play in the wilderness? 

Ben Scott

Played by Steven Krueger

Ben is the assistant coach and the object of many an unrequited crush.

Young Shauna

Played by Sophie Nelisse

Jeff Sadecki

Played by Warren Kole

Former prom king and high school sweetheart of a popular Yellowjacket, middle-aged Jeff now finds himself in a life that did not unfold quite as he had hoped. 

Young Misty

Played by Sammi Hanratty

Misty is the Yellowjackets' equipment manager. Eager to please and easy to overlook, Misty's abundance of team spirit belies a hidden dark side.         

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